Spay It Forward on National Cat Day October 29th! Can You Help Prevent 11 Million Homeless Street Cats in the San Miguel de Allende Area?

To celebrate National Cat Day on October 29th, Amigos de Animales is Launching a “Spay It Forward” campaign, with the goal of preventing millions of cats being born and abandoned to the streets of San Miguel de Allende.

How can one person possibly do anything substantial to prevent millions of unwanted kittens being born?

Spay It Forward!

In the same way that one infected COVID patient could quickly infect an entire city, the generations of offspring from one unspayed cat could multiply exponentially into a countless number of abandoned kittens and feral cats.

In less than a decade, the generations of offspring from just one unspayed cat could overrun the streets with millions of cats.

The best way to stop a future exponential explosion of homeless and helpless cats is to prevent the problem at its root cause.

In 2020, it costs USD$40 to provide free spay/neuter services for one cat. So just one cat lover who Spays It Forward can prevent a lifetime of suffering for millions of hopeless and helpless cats.