Amigos de Animales continues its work during the Covid-19 pandemic

As we all continue to adjust to life during the Covid-19 pandemic of 2020, the population of dogs and cats in San Miguel de Allende continues its rapid growth, leading to increased animal suffering. Because of the pandemic,

Amigos de Animales has not been able to operate its regular quarterly weekend sterilization blitzes or its bi-monthly mobile sterilization clinics that serve the outlying areasof San Miguel de Allende.

Since our inception, we have performed over 23,000 free sterilizations for the San Miguel de Allende community.
Our plan for 2020 called for us to operate four of our weekend sterilization blitzes and to operate our mobile clinics twice a month in the campo with an expected total of about 1680 sterilizations this year.
We had planned a for our first blitz to be in March of this year.

Photo by Walter Hodges

After waiting to see how the pandemic would impact our operations, we regrouped and began an experiment working with selected veterinary clinics in SMA to provide free dog and cat sterilizations to those with no other way to afford to have their animals safely sterilized. To date, we have been able to sterilize 40 dogs and cats under this alternative approach. Happily, the experiment worked and now we need to step it up and increase the number of vets and the funding for this “pandemic” program.

Amigos de Animales is funding this temporary program as a way to continue our mission to help curb the overpopulation of dogs and cats through sterilizations for pets whose owners could not otherwise afford these procedures.

Our regular programs will resume once the pandemic is controlled, but meanwhile our costs for sterilizations have increased dramatically on a per-animal basis.

Our regular sterilization programs are performed by an all-volunteer group of vets and local pet lovers and thus, our per-animal costs are kept very low.
Costs for our regular programs are predominantly for medical supplies and rent at the Lions Club hall where we perform the majority of our sterilizations and to operate our mobile clinic van.

Photo by Walter Hodges

With our temporary “pandemic” program, the selected vets have agreed to a charge Amigos de Animales a highly reduced price for each sterilization, but even with that, these sterilizations are almost double the cost of our regular programs.

As always, we rely exclusively on private donations for all of our funding. But now, with the increased costs of our temporary program, we are especially in need of your help with donations.

Please consider making a one time or regular, tax-deductible donation

…to help us continue to reduce the suffering caused by overpopulation of dogs and cats in San Miguel de Allende.

Tax deductible donations can be made via credit/debit card or PayPal through our website or by U.S. check either by mail to: Amigos de Animales de San Miguel de Allende, 220 N. Zapata Highway 11-A, PMB 262 B Laredo, TX 78043.

Photo by Walter Hodges

Checks can also be dropped off at La Conexion PMB 262B, Aldama 3, San Miguel de Allende.

Of course, we would be very happy to help you set up a planned giving donation.

Please contact us for more information at or by local San Miguel de Allende telephone at 415-120-0735