Amigos and the Pound

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The City is in the process of constructing a large community center in Las Cuevitas.  This construction  encompasses a large part of what used to the Pound, which has now shrunk to half its size and where conditions have become  overcrowded, dirty and full of vermin.

A piece of land in back of the Presidencia has been earmarked for a new Control Canino (a.k,a. The Pound) and although extensive plans have been drawn, construction has not yet begun and no date has been set.  All dogs currently housed at the Calzada de la Estacion location in Las Cuevitas, will eventually be moved to that site.

Meanwhile, the construction of the community center continues to expand and will eventually include what is now the slaughterhouse and what is left of the Pound.  Because Amigos was concerned that the new location will be too far from Centro for many to visit adoptable animals, they have managed  to obtain from the Government a very small piece of land at the Community Center in hopes of continuing its sterilization program at its Clinic there and to show adoptable dogs.  Not satisfied with the amount of land allotted, Amigos continues to pressure the government for more space, maintaining that this space could become a small educational center for children to learn how to treat animals.