In honor of Kathy Lemon Carhart

One of our current board members and long serving volunteers, Teresa Lemon Shepro has made an extremely generous matching grant pledge of up to $10,000 to Amigos de Animales in honor of her sister, Kathy Lemon Carhart, a great animal lover. This grant will match all new donations up to $10,000 (doubling donations up to $10,000) beginning on September 1st 2021 through January 1, 2022 which is very timely given our need to fund medications for sterilizations in the campo as well as to help us purchase a new mobile clinic van to replace our aging vehicle that has served Amigos needs for more than a decade, but has now been retired. A note from Teresa; Please consider donating to our mission to help improve the lives and safety of San Miguel’s cats and dogs. My sister Kathy and I grew up in a family with the ability to easily care for our pets, which is often not the case in Mexico. Here she is on her wedding day, comforting our old dog Baron, who clearly sensed she was leaving home. Kathy had wanted Baron to come to her wedding, but his hip dysplasia made that impossible. The minister, my parents, and Tom, her betrothed, were secretly glad they didn’t have to get involved in that decision! Kathy died far too young, at 38, and her wonderful daughters, Sarah and Allison, carry on her love and concern for animals.