Financial Reality Check

1000 animals spayed or neutered in 2011 – Over 12,000 since 2001

Amigos is no exception to the hard times that have hit everyone, everywhere. We presently have enough funds for 2 to 3 weekend sterilizations of about 150 animals. However, unless donations increase, we will have to decrease our sterilization services in the countryside where the suffering is most profound.

We are also concerned about our ability to continue our guardianship of the City pound on an acceptable level. To date, we have built more and better cages, opened a Clinic on site and have improved general conditions. We dread even the thought of having to abandon the care and well-being of animals to the City, as the Pound would most assuredly revert to its former horrific conditions. Our veterinarian currently makes sure that the animals are safe and comfortable on a daily basis with sufficient food and water in their last days. He and his assistant provide medical care and supervise the humane euthanasia for those animals they cannot place in loving homes.

All animals that we adopt out are delivered sterilized, vaccinated and de-parasitized, along with a contract of adoption and registration. Remember that all of the animals, if not adopted, will be put down in a 5 day period, according to City law. So please remember the dogs at the Pound if you are thinking of adoption. Call our Vet Dr. Omar Córdova, to arrange for a visit at: 415-120-0735.

Please help us help the unfortunate whose final fate rests in our (and your) hands.

Our vision
1. Continue and increase our sterilization services in order to prevent the births of thousands of animals born to suffer in the City and the countryside.

2. Continue to press officials at the State level to live up to their obligation to introduce an animal education program in the schools.

3. Send our mobile clinic out to a wider area of San Miguel de Allende communities.

4. Maintain our stewardship of the City Pound and Clinic, while making as many improvements as possible. We are ready to assist the City in moving the Pound to its new location when funds become available.

Tax deductible donations can be made:In San Miguel de Allende, donations are accepted at La Conexion on Aldama 3, Box 1090
From the U.S., donations can be mailed to Amigos de Animales PMB 262 at 220 N. Zapata Hwy. 11-A, Laredo, TX